Art Journal: Weaving

Art Journal: Weaving

After taking a few weeks off from art journaling, we are cracking the spines and jumping back into filling our pages with personal and meaningful artwork. Today was a catch up day so I let the kids have some free time with their books to get them back into the journaling. Before the end of the class, I showed them a bit about what we would be doing next week: mixed media weaving. I encouraged the kids to bring in scraps from home to add to the scraps I’ll have for them to use. Here is my example. I’ll post pics of theirs as we go!






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    • Yes, they all have their own book. The librarian cleaned out at the end of last year and I was able to snag enough for everyone (plus a few extras). I will not pre-cut their pages for them. Hopefully they can handle that themselves. I did pre-cut some paper strips but I will let them choose their yarn scraps and cut what they need from that.
      Thanks for checking out TinyArtRoom! 🙂

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