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Help Wanted: Lead Reindeer



I found this awesome art and writing activity at What the Teacher Wants! I am excited about this and so are the kids.  I took their pictures while they were working on another project and this week we will be putting it all together and filling out our applications.  I can’t wait to see what they write and share with you!




Grumpy reindeer! Haha! He’s a sweet kid.





Saving the planet – Dr. Seuss style!


The amazing Dr. Seuss will soon have a birthday (March 2nd) so kindergarten and I will be getting a jump on the festivities by making some Lorax inspired portraits this week. If you can’t tell from lots of my other projects, I LOVE using the Apple program, Photobooth for art projects. The kids love taking their pictures and its so much fun to put yourself in so many different places.
This time I will be taking their pictures and turning them all into tiny little earth-saving Lorax’s (Loraxes?) (Loraxi?) …no matter how I spell that, spell check tells me it’s wrong. Anyway, I think it’s going to be stinkin’ CUTE!! I’ll get back to you on that when we actually get started tomorrow! 🙂








The Land of Lala


I came across this photo that inspired this project.

It would have been such a great project that I know I would have enjoyed as a kid. I think (know) my students are enjoying it because I heard one of them say today, “I can’t wait to come back to art.” They didn’t want to give me their papers when it was time to leave because they were enjoying what they were doing too much. I love it. It’s what I live and work each day towards. Even if they don’t love everything about art and think about it constantly like I do, I want them to find SOMETHING they love about art and that they can look back on and say,”I really enjoyed that.” Mission accomplished.

So, we started by taking their pictures with photobooth. Printed them out, cut them out and glued to a plain white sheet of paper. Then I set them loose to draw, doodle, sketch and daydream. Thy are doing a great job and I can’t wait to see their finished pieces.





Mad Scientists!


I can’t wait to explain this project! 😀

Okay, so our school’s bookfair is coming up and the theme is “Story Laboratory” and there are mad scientists on the loose, crazy bugs flying around, and beakers of unidentified concoctions overflowing. I love helping out with bookfair decor and this year should be lots of fun.

1st graders will be making bug jars, 2nd grade will be making painted paper beakers, 5th graders have already started on some genetically modified bugs, and 3rd grade will be turning themselves into mad scientists whose brains love to READ! I’m posting step-by-step pictures of my example and I’ll add some of their’s when we finish. 🙂

First, I will take their pictures with Photobooth on my Mac. Of course they will be instructed to look as crazy/mad scientisty as possible.


Next, they will cut out their heads and shoulders and then cut off the top of their heads, where the brain will be hanging out.



I’m using peachy colored paper for the brain, which I know is not accurate but it’s more colorful than gray. Don’t forget to add the arms to hold the book!


After gluing the brain and arms together, they will glue themselves to their background. I’m going to go ahead and give them a background to work on while I take their pictures at the beginning of class.



I use a little 4×6 piece of white paper to make the book. I’ll encourage them to make the cover of their favorite book. Just glue that onto the hands and you’re done!


I think these are going to turn out so great! The classes that have already seen my example are excited. I’ll post again when we are finished.




Egyptian Pharoah Portraits


Fourth grade really enjoyed learning about the queens and pharoahs and all of the art of Ancient Egypt. We looked at tons of photos of monuments, hieroglyphics, sculptures, and sarcophagi. We took their photos using Photobooth on the Mac and then cut their heads and necks out and glued them to a black background. We drew the clothes and head-ware with pencil, first, then added color with oil pastels. They also wrote their names in hieroglyphics and added a frame of gold and silver. They all seemed pleased with their final products!