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Warm and Cool Skies

Warm and Cool Skies

This was an interesting concept to teach my 2nd graders. We looked at the color wheel. We looked at lots of examples of art that used warm or cool colors. We practiced separating the markers into different piles. We discussed why peach and pink are warm colors. We worked REALLY hard. 

This project took us three or four weeks and required lots of patience but I think at the end of it they learned to really appreciate the effort because of how great the outcome. #lifelessons



Sun Stone Prints


Fifth graders are also making the Aztec sun stones but they are using printmaking as their medium.

We started by painting the background with orange, yellow, and gold paint. They created foam printing plates and were totally impressed with the process. They only made the face for their prints and then used other stamps I’ve created to add to them. They are turning out beautifully!








Aztec Sun Stones

Aztec Sun Stones

Kinders haves started making some awesome sun stones inspired by the large monolithic sculpture found in Mexico City. They loved drawing the silly face of the sun and getting to paint him bright yellow. I can’t wait to see their finished products. In the mean time, here’s how we will put them together.
Here are some of our cute sun faces so far. Overflowing with personality, as usual!




¡Cinco de Mayo!


I’m trying all new projects in honor of the upcoming celebration of Cinco de Mayo. It involves lots of painted paper, printmaking, and collage. Every grade has a project they are going to be working on in the coming weeks so I’ll be sharing as we go. Check out some of our prep work.  Lots of these ideas are coming from the awesome art blog, Painted Paper.  She did an entire art show on art from Mexico.  Beautiful ideas!


Best. Summer. Ever.


Our last ditch effort at relaxation! Wait, is relaxing supposed to be an effort? Just kidding – our last trip of the summer has been so amazingly great. To get to spend uninterrupted time with my little lady, her friends, and one of my bffs has been the best way to send off Summer 2012.
We have gone to Ripley’s Aquarium, eaten at Margaritaville, hung out under the sunshine all day by the ocean, and tried a great restaurant that none of us had been to before called, Bovine’s. They had wood fired ovens and amazing pizza and it was right on the water of an inlet. It’s kind of a “restaurant row” area and there is a cool Marsh Walk that you stroll down by the water, all along the backside of the restaurants. It’s extra awesome at night because most of the places have live music and lots of deck lights and rocking chairs. It’s a great atmosphere for family or just adults!
As this trip comes to an end, I am getting a little antsy to just get started on the school year. I’m looking forward to meeting some new teachers our school has gained and another great year with my students!!!