Snow Day Art


(For real this time!)
So, I know I joked on our pitiful snow day but it did actually snow that night! We had a great time waiting and watching. I had just as much fun with the first graders, drawing self portraits in the snow!
Originally I had planned for this to be a directed drawing. But after the art conference I attended, I decided to have a go with asking the kids a question and their response is the artwork. After discussing self portraits with them, I asked them, “if you drew a self portrait in the snow, what would it look like?” They did such a great job with this! There were kids making snow angels, some having snowball fights, some riding sleds, and some up close and personal portraits of sweet smiles and ear muffs.
We used construction paper crayons on black paper.











We also took time at the end of class to point out some great things about each others artwork. The kids had some very thoughtful points to make and they all enjoyed it.

And check out some real snow pictures!





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  1. These are precious. Great inspiration for a project for next week for my 2nd grades. We have one week until February break and I want a quick finish it in one day project. I did chuckle over your real snow pictures. I’m in Massachusetts bracing for the big hit tonight and into tomorrow. Forecast is for 8″ – 12″ depending on altitude. We got 3″ yesterday when we were only suppose to see scattered flurries, so it is in the great NE!

    • I hope your kids enjoy the project too! I think I was maybe 5 years old the last time we had more than just a few inches of snow. We all get so excited to see it snow AND stick around for a few days down here in the South. I’m not sure I could survive the weather you all have been getting!

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