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Warm and Cool Skies

Warm and Cool Skies

This was an interesting concept to teach my 2nd graders. We looked at the color wheel. We looked at lots of examples of art that used warm or cool colors. We practiced separating the markers into different piles. We discussed why peach and pink are warm colors. We worked REALLY hard. 

This project took us three or four weeks and required lots of patience but I think at the end of it they learned to really appreciate the effort because of how great the outcome. #lifelessons


A New Spin


Last week Kindergarten started their warm color Fall trees. We painted the background blue and then added the tree. This week we are going to add some scrapbook paper leaves. I tried to use mostly warm colors but there are some green leaves too. My plan is to use watered-down glue and paint over the leaves so they will lay flat. I’ll post the results later this week!


The kids have finished their trees and they all look beautiful. It was a great introduction to paint for some of those that have rarely or never used it before. Two colors, no rinsing: keep it simple. I love the scrapbook leaves and will be using more of that soon!



One of my Fall bulletin boards. I’ll be adding some 2nd grader owls to it soon!

Apt Apples


First graders will begin learning about how plants grow and develop next week. I usually do apple trees with red, glittery apples but I thought I would try something different this year. We are going to discuss George Seurat and his amazing pointillism paintings. Then we will paint an apple, using q-tips and warm colors. The problem with trying pointillism with the little ones is getting them to be patient enough to see the results of nice even dots. I’ll post the finished products later this week!

This is my example, step by step:




“Hoo” Loves Fall Art?


Finally got around to taking pictures of another bulletin board I put up in the entry way of my school. The projects were both done with First graders and I thought they looked so nice together, I put them all on one board. It’s just a select few, but I just don’t have the time or space to put up all of their work. The first project was the Fall trees and we discussed warm and cool colors and the changing leaves. I have two versions of a tree that I use for Kindergarten and First grades. The first graders’ tree is much more intricate and difficult to cut out. It tests their cutting skills and these guys all did great.
The second project was the step-by-step owls and we discussed shapes before and during the drawing of the owls. The all look similar but they all have their own little personalities. I found different versions of this on Artsonia and at Art Projects for Kids! 🙂