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Chinese New Year Collaborative Dragon


I came across this super cool project for Chinese New Year at arteascuola.com. Miriam shared some of the process and the end product was so cool! I wanted to share my step by step process here to use with my students as well as with you all! Once we get the final dragon complete, I will share more photos. Until then, please check out Miriam’s page here: Arteascuola

Im going to be honest, I’m doing this with first grade so I’m anxious to see the results of this color wheel. 🤷🏼‍♀️Let’s do this!!

It went so well!!! They were excited and everybody’s turned out great. Next, we will add the petals, symbols for scholarship, friendship, and sportsmanship (my school’s motto). We will then put them all together to create the dragon!

I tried to photograph the steps of making the head but I’m not sure how clear this is. I had to pretty much figure it out on my own just looking at the finished example on Arteascuola.


Rainbow Tweet! 

Rainbow Tweet! 

Kinders are going to be learning colors and color order next week. I saw a picture on Pinterest for this idea but the link doesn’t lead to a lesson or the picture for it – at least not anymore. Shout out to the creator! 

I think this is a great way to introduce some painting skills to those babies who haven’t ever held a paintbrush and work on rainbow order/color wheel at the same time. I’ll post results next week! 😎

Here are a few results! I love them. 😍

Color Wheel Zen


Finally, the day has come for me to use a Zentangle! I discovered these beauties awhile back and even posted about wanting to do them, but now I have found a way to use them and add color. In discussing the art element of color with 3rd graders, I didn’t want to do the name color wheel that i’ve done before but I really didn’t have any other plan. As I was browsing Pinterest (a forgetful idea-hoarder’s dream?) I came across this beautiful picture, which led me to an artist’s flickr page. She makes artist trading cards and apparently this was one of them.

I wanted mine to come full circle instead of just going across the page. I tried letting the kids divide it up themselves, but most of them had too many sections and some people didn’t cross them on top of each other, so finally I just made copies of my original 6-section square. We looked at some examples of zentangles, showed them the original that I loved, and then we got started! I can’t wait to see how they all turn out!


Here’s my finished product. We had to take a break to work on some bookmarks for moms this past week so hopefully the color wheels will be finished by next week!