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Snowy Silhouettes

Snowy Silhouettes

Fourth grade is making these snowy nighttime scenes using value and blending with paint. Before we started in on the real deal, we practiced first with color pencils then with paint. Sharing our steps here!

I’ll share the students’ work when we are finished!

Here’s some of the student work. They were still so creative with the limited use of only silhouettes.


Third Grader Snow Angels

Third Grader Snow Angels

This is an awesome Winter lesson from Deep Space Sparkle to do with your art students. Cut paper, painting, self-portraiture, and more! The kids loved it and what made it even better is that it snowed right in the middle of our project so they got to experience going out and making snow angels! That’s a rare day where I live. 
The first day of this project we made ourselves out of cut paper. The second day we painted the snow angel outlines and filled them in before gluing ourselves back into them. Then we added a little sparkle for some snow magic!! ❄️❄️❄️


Snowmen at Play

Snowmen at Play

This is a fun project I came across on Artsonia by Blue Mountain Elementary students. I love the different perspective and that each picture can still be individualized.
I’ve shared pictures of the step by step process so far. We will share more when they are complete!






Snow Day Art


(For real this time!)
So, I know I joked on our pitiful snow day but it did actually snow that night! We had a great time waiting and watching. I had just as much fun with the first graders, drawing self portraits in the snow!
Originally I had planned for this to be a directed drawing. But after the art conference I attended, I decided to have a go with asking the kids a question and their response is the artwork. After discussing self portraits with them, I asked them, “if you drew a self portrait in the snow, what would it look like?” They did such a great job with this! There were kids making snow angels, some having snowball fights, some riding sleds, and some up close and personal portraits of sweet smiles and ear muffs.
We used construction paper crayons on black paper.











We also took time at the end of class to point out some great things about each others artwork. The kids had some very thoughtful points to make and they all enjoyed it.

And check out some real snow pictures!




Snowy, Snowy Night


Third graders started work on a new project this week. We are reviewing Van Gogh and learning more about fore-, middle-, and background. For the first part of the lesson, we painted the snowy sky using brushes, bubble wrap, and snowflake stamps. We sprinkled some superfine glitter on the wet paint before we put them in the drying rack.







Next week we will add the middle and foreground – forests and cities… I think I’ll let them choose.
I’ll update as we continue!

Day two update:
We all added “purple mountains majesty” as our middle ground today. The kid are loving it. Glad they are not getting antsy about being finished. I know it’s only day two but sometimes they just aren’t patient… Maybe they get that from me. 🙂





A Flock of Cardinals


I’ve done this cardinal lesson for several years and I usually do a directed drawing. This year I wanted to see if the students could draw the birds on their own because we had already made the owls by directed drawing. We looked closely at the cardinal and broke it down into shapes before we started drawing (just like with the owls except we did it while we drew the owls). I put several photos of cardinals in the snow up on the activboard and let them draw on their own. Some of them were questionable but I didn’t make them change it. I have them red, brown, and white paint and instructed them to paint their birds red, branches brown, and add snow with the white. This week we used crayons to add the yellow/orange for the beak and black for the masks.
It never fails to amaze me when I see their work, how different they all are and their different levels of ability.
Here are the results of one class:









Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland…


Even though it was 75 degrees yesterday, I started in on our Winter Wonderland pictures with Kindergarten. It seemed to go so much smoother this year than it did last year but I’m not sure why. At any rate – I had one of my Kindergarten classes again today and so they were able to finish their beautiful pictures and even had time to add some glitter (yay!) to a few of them. I love this project because it can be left on display for a long time, ha! It is also simple but colorful and pretty. I’ll post a picture of the bulletin board as soon as I get them hung!