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A Bit Prickly…

A Bit Prickly…

Kindergarten learned about texture while creating these beautiful, bright, and colorful cacti. I found this lesson at Jamestown Elementary who created them with her 5th graders but I thought my Kinders would really appreciate this project as well. They did a great job, really.

We started with a directed drawing of the pot and the cacti and then reviewed patterns and filled in our pots with different designs. We colored the actual cactus with regular crayons and then used payons (watercolor crayons) to color the background. The last day was spent painting over the background with water.

Check ’em out!


Here I am checking out the cactus garden room at the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC this weekend! I thought of my Kinders as soon as I saw them. 


Here’s some more colorful cacti! I love them all!



Art Elements Infographic


Here’s our first entry into our fifth graders art journal. We created an Infographic to showcase our knowledge of the art elements. I found this at artroom104.blogspot.com through Pinterest.




Painted paper birdhouses


I saw a post over at Painted Paper and fell in love. Birdhouses can be so boring but using the painted paper gives them a new dimension and I think her’s turned out so pretty.
My 3rd graders started painting paper this week and have absolutely loved it. I also used PP’s post about about “how I paint paper” when I introduced this technique. Lots of good suggestions she has!
Below is my example and I can’t wait to see how my kiddos’ turn out!

And here are A few of the kids’:





Cheeseburgers in paradise!


I’m so excited for this project. I met with some of my fellow art teachers yesterday and we all brought lessons to share. One of the lessons that was shared is a lesson I’ve done before but because of a black paper shortage at her school, she put a new spin on an old lesson by using a different color of background paper and having them add a picnic tablecloth border. I thought it looked so great and we are at the perfect place to do this project. Below is a photo of her example. I’ll add some of our completed pictures when we are finished!



Finished and the kids love them!