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Something’s Fishy About This…

Something’s Fishy About This…

I have kind of (really) gotten on a fish kick with some of my classes. My Kinders, 2nd, and 3rd graders have all been working on fish projects. With K and 2, we talked about Henri Matisse and his beautiful fishbowl paintings. And with 3rd Grade, we looked at pictures of koi fish and discussed the story of the koi in the waterfall and how they are symbols for strength and perseverance. I love how fantastic they all are turning out. 

Kindergarten (we read Henri’s Scissors with this!) 

Second grade:

*thanks to Whitney Elementary on Artsonia for the example we used! 

Third Grade:

Rainbow Tweet! 

Rainbow Tweet! 

Kinders are going to be learning colors and color order next week. I saw a picture on Pinterest for this idea but the link doesn’t lead to a lesson or the picture for it – at least not anymore. Shout out to the creator! 

I think this is a great way to introduce some painting skills to those babies who haven’t ever held a paintbrush and work on rainbow order/color wheel at the same time. I’ll post results next week! 😎

Here are a few results! I love them. 😍

Happy New Year!


Wow, it’s been a long time and I feel terrible about that.  I’ve gotten quite a few new followers since my last post and y’all are probably wondering why in the world you bothered.  Well, the holidays were rather busy – busier than normal – and I got a new phone and haven’t had access to my old photos that I took of my holiday art and boards.  I think I did share some on Instagram before I got my new phone so if you are an Insta-user, check out tinyartroom there.

So, right before our Winter break, I started all my classes on their Art to Remember projects.  A few grades finished and a few are finishing this week.  All of the projects are turning out great and I have two new Art to Remember projects that I’m trying out this year.

Kindergarten was one of the classes that finished before the break so I was looking around on Pinterest and my favorite art blogs (see the blogroll to the right) to see what I could find for them that would ease us back into the swing of things.  For some of these kids (and me) I feel like it’s a second First Day of school so we need to tiptoe back into it.

I found this awesome project over at this cute little French art blog called Le Petites Têtes de L’Art which Google translated to “Small Heads of Art” so… let’s just stick to stumbling over the French pronunciation.  Anyway – the kids loved making this so much.  At the end of class, I asked them what they liked so much about it.  They all said some version of  “I liked the scribbling” and “I like cutting the paper.” So, basically they liked being given a goal but allowed to go about achieving it how they wanted.  Ahhhh… choice based art.  I promised them we would do more of this.  🙂

For now, check out the results of today’s work:


Picasso, Primativism, Paint, and Pastels

Picasso, Primativism, Paint, and Pastels

I saw this project on A Glimmer of Light and decided it would be a fun project to do with my 5th graders. They get so caught up in making things realistic and perfect, this project encourages them to do just the opposite and let the funky chicken out. And while we were working on these, I remembered another chicken project I have done with Kindergarten and thought it would be a great time to review color-mixing with them and then hang the Kinders’ and the 5th grader’s work together!

First the 5th grade work:

Are these not hilarious?! I love them and the kids loved them too.

Here are some kinder-chickens.

And here is the final bulletin board with bothe grade’s artwork!

A Bit Prickly…

A Bit Prickly…

Kindergarten learned about texture while creating these beautiful, bright, and colorful cacti. I found this lesson at Jamestown Elementary who created them with her 5th graders but I thought my Kinders would really appreciate this project as well. They did a great job, really.

We started with a directed drawing of the pot and the cacti and then reviewed patterns and filled in our pots with different designs. We colored the actual cactus with regular crayons and then used payons (watercolor crayons) to color the background. The last day was spent painting over the background with water.

Check ’em out!


Here I am checking out the cactus garden room at the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC this weekend! I thought of my Kinders as soon as I saw them. 


Here’s some more colorful cacti! I love them all!


Art to Remember


Kinders started working on their Art to Remember projects last week and today they added their finishing touches – their fingerprints!
In the years that I have been doing this fundraiser, I haven’t found a project for kindergarten that I really love for AtR but this might be a winner.
The objectives that we cover are:
-following directions
-drawing lines
-coloring completely what we have drawn
-finger painting


Aztec Sun Stones

Aztec Sun Stones

Kinders haves started making some awesome sun stones inspired by the large monolithic sculpture found in Mexico City. They loved drawing the silly face of the sun and getting to paint him bright yellow. I can’t wait to see their finished products. In the mean time, here’s how we will put them together.
Here are some of our cute sun faces so far. Overflowing with personality, as usual!