North Carolina Honey Bees

North Carolina Honey Bees

Some of my classes are participating in the NC Farm to School calendar contest. Second graders are learning about printmaking with this project and we are making honeycombs and bees. We started off with making the honeycomb with yellow paint, bubble wrap, and brown paper. Then we printed a big bee that I had made out of cardboard. We printed with black paint and next week we use oil pastels to go back and add some color. I think the oil pastels really make the bee pop and bring it to life with the extra colors.




We also did aValentine version!






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  1. This IS really neat. Can you describe in further detail how you did the cardboard bee? And did you then have the kids print them all separately, one at a time w/ the same cut-out? (And then did you keep them busy with another project?)
    Thank you!

    • The first time I did the project I made the stamp with cardboard by individually cutting out each piece of the bee and gluing it onto another piece of board. It lasted maybe two classes worth of printing. :/ so then I made two linocuts and I’ve used those for two years now. The kids do it individually but they are working on printing the honeycombs as well so it keeps them pretty occupied. They are either helping, watching, or working on their own. I follow the bees along the tables to make sure they are staying on task. We usually get the honeycombs and bees printed all in one 50 minute class period.

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