Cursive Name Bugs


Third graders will be starting to hone their cursive writing technique next week in art class. The kids are always so excited about learning to write cursive. Last year I tried a cursive writing project with them for Dia de Los Muertos. It was pretty difficult so I thought I would try something less so this time. 

After some practice with letters and their names, we will be making name bugs. A few of the kids noticed mine the couple of days and are pretty excited about getting started. 

Here is mine, step by step and I’ll be sure to share their when complete! 




Here are a few of the kids’ in progress:





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  1. Good question! How DO you get the mirror image on the other side? Also, how would you do it if there is a “y” or “j” in the name?

  2. We did a practice run on some scrap paper so we could work out the y’s and g’s and p’s and q’s. If you are using the white paper, you can fold it, hold it up to a window, and trace it that way. That’s how we did it. I have 4 windows and I can get two kids per window so we just took turns. It didn’t take long.

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