Triple scoop please!

Triple scoop please!

These are the cutest snowmen! I found them over at Exploring Art (Abby Schukei) and the kids are loving them. It has been a really fun way to learn about creating form by using value.
Here is mine (which I did in paint but then decided that I liked the idea of using oil pastels better.)

This is an accessories-free snowman so they can really focus on just the shading and form.


Some student examples!




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  1. I love your take on this project! Did you students just love doing it? They are always such a hit with my students and they really seem to grasp the concept of value and shading.

  2. As a newly retired elem. teacher, I learn so much from you…. while also taking art lessons. Thanks sooooo much for sharing your ideas online. Your projects help m e grown and learn immensely.

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