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Elegant Elephants


My 6th graders saw my 3rd graders’ painted paper birdhouses and loved them and DEMANDED to do something similar! 🙂
So I rummaged around on Painted Paper’s page and found some 6th grade appropriate lessons. One of the kids said they loved elephants so when I came across the elephant project, I knew that’s the one we would do.
We started this week with painting the paper for the elephants and then starting on the background. We layered a 6×9 on a 12×9 and then added the little strips around the edges of the 6×9, to make the frame.
Next week, we will draw the elephants, cut them out and decorate them before gluing them into the background. We will also add to the black part of the frame with gold and silver oil pastels and Indian-inspired designs.
A few pictures of the work…




Finished work and they look so good!





Handprint painted paper flowers


Kindergarten started working on some painted paper handprint flowers today. We painted the yellow paper with neon yellow, white, and orange paint and then traced our hand 6 times on two different colors of paper (3 hands on each color). They did so good and worked SO hard that they were all able to get all of their hands cut out. Next week we will put the flowers together and add some *sparkle*! 🙂
Here’s a pic of our painted centers…


All done and ready to be presented to all the mommies!


Painted paper birdhouses


I saw a post over at Painted Paper and fell in love. Birdhouses can be so boring but using the painted paper gives them a new dimension and I think her’s turned out so pretty.
My 3rd graders started painting paper this week and have absolutely loved it. I also used PP’s post about about “how I paint paper” when I introduced this technique. Lots of good suggestions she has!
Below is my example and I can’t wait to see how my kiddos’ turn out!

And here are A few of the kids’:





Parrot Heads!


5th graders will be painting parrots starting this week. We will paint them on black paper. I’ve got a ton of examples that they can choose from and then draw them freehand. I’m going to try tempera cakes and see how they do with controlling the paints. This is my example so far. I want to go through it as they go through it so they can see the progression and layering of colors.


So proud of the hard work my 5th graders have put into these awesome paintings. They are looking fantastic.




Cheeseburgers in paradise!


I’m so excited for this project. I met with some of my fellow art teachers yesterday and we all brought lessons to share. One of the lessons that was shared is a lesson I’ve done before but because of a black paper shortage at her school, she put a new spin on an old lesson by using a different color of background paper and having them add a picnic tablecloth border. I thought it looked so great and we are at the perfect place to do this project. Below is a photo of her example. I’ll add some of our completed pictures when we are finished!



Finished and the kids love them!


Yay For Spring Break!


Today is the last day before spring break. Everybody at school is SO ready for this. It’s been a very stressful year for some because of the closing of one school and the combining of that school with another. EOGs are around the corner and the kids especially need this break to relax and calm down before they have to buckle down.
My family will be heading to Disney World for our first real vacation all by ourselves and it will be my daughter’s first time at Disney. We are all very excited.
I hope you all enjoy your spring breaks, whenever/where ever they may be!


4th Grade NC Seascapes


So in 4th grade, we get to talk about one of my favorite places – the beach! We are creating seascapes, inspired by the NC coast and this beautiful post at the Clever Feather. We are also including discussions about the elements of art: line, color, and space. They had a hard time with the waves initially, but after breaking it down into more simple forms (draw a C, etc.), they felt much more successful. I’ll continue adding pictures as we go!