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Mr. Picasso Head

SUPER COOL!!!  How have I missed this?  I love this Mr. Potato Head-esque game where you create a “painting” a la Picasso and you can save it, print it, and/or share it.  I love it!!! 

Cool Virtual Pumpkin Carving


My daughter’s Kindergarten teacher shared this site with her students and when A shared it with me, I loved it! She’s been asking to carve our pumpkin all week and I told her it’s just not time yet. With this site, she can “carve” a hundred pumpkins if she likes and I don’t have to clean up the nastiness of pumpkin goo! This would be a fun thing to do as a center on an Activboard – using shapes, symmetry, lines, etc!


All tangled up…


So, I have been browsing some blogs and art websites and something that keeps coming up is something called Zentangles or Zendoodles. They are all intricate and detailed and delicate and I really really like them! So I googled “zentangle” and found a website with an explanation and examples. I’m definitely going to be trying these out, I’m just not sure with which grade to start. But what a great lesson in line and repetition! I’ll share soon!