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You Can’t Get Too Much Love

You Can’t Get Too Much Love

As Dave Matthews reminds us, “you can’t get too much love” so even though some of our Valentines projects were postponed by snow days, we finished them up last week and they were definitely a bright spot in my camera roll. 🙂

These are our collaborative kinder hearts. We painted and added the mosaic pieces the first week. Then I cut all of their hearts into four parts. I gave them all one piece of their heart and three other pieces by different classmates. They put them together to make a new heart and then added wings or an arrow.





We also finished our Valentine printmaking bees. They turned out bright and buzzy!





And last but not least, here are a couple of the third grade Pop Art hearts we made with printmaking and oil pastels.



Let’s Open a Bag o’ Crazy!

Let’s Open a Bag o’ Crazy!

After attending the Art of Ed online conference, I was again inspired to step out of my comfort zone and let the kids go crazy, making some Valentines.  I have always loved the IDEA of putting out a bunch of stuff and letting the kids just have a ball with it in their own, different, personalized ways.  But in real life, I am not entertaining 12-14 perfect angels in my own classroom with an endless (or even reasonable) amount of time to play.  In REAL life, I am educating 18-21 sweet and well-meaning first graders in 40 minutes on a cart.  I have to get things set up and then cleaned up and put away within those 40 minutes because I have another class waiting on me up two flights of stairs.  The stairs are not the problem.  And I can be the most prepared and organized person in the world but I will never be a magic genie that can wiggle my nose and make everything clean and tidy (no matter how many times or how hard I’ve tried!!!)

With that said, I attempted this last week.  It was crazy but great!  I couldn’t have asked for a better, more patient set of students.  Some of them didn’t even get to touch paint until 5 minutes before I had to start cleaning up.  But no one complained and they were all pleased with their artwork.  It was so bright and colorful and heartfelt, you just have to love it.  It made them feel like real artists and that is what I strive for in EVERY class.

So, here’s to choice-based art and dirty tables…