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Summer ending’s got me like…

Summer ending’s got me like…

It’s been such a fun summer and I am not quite ready for it to end but the real world is sneaking up on me fast. 

I went on lots of fun trips with my summer job as an outdoor camp counselor and spent some quality time with my sweet girl. Then about two weeks ago we rescued another little dog from our local humane society. We are topping it off with a week long trip to the beach with the whole family. I *might* be ready for school and Fall when this week is over. But in the words of my nephew, “prolly not.” 😊

Here’s Henrietta Puddles Pierce Osborne! She’s our newest addition and is sweet as pie! She’s an Australian shepherd and Labrador mix and we rescued her from our local humane society. 

I’ll be back when school starts back! 😎

Yay For Spring Break!


Today is the last day before spring break. Everybody at school is SO ready for this. It’s been a very stressful year for some because of the closing of one school and the combining of that school with another. EOGs are around the corner and the kids especially need this break to relax and calm down before they have to buckle down.
My family will be heading to Disney World for our first real vacation all by ourselves and it will be my daughter’s first time at Disney. We are all very excited.
I hope you all enjoy your spring breaks, whenever/where ever they may be!