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Sunburst Paintings


My fifth graders started these sunburst paintings today.  They were fully engaged and enjoying the freedom to experiment with color mixing.  I can’t wait to see their finished products!  Thanks to  Small for Big for such a great idea!

Indian Corn

Indian Corn

I’m loving all of these Indian Corn projects I’ve seen on the art blogs and Pinterest.  I decided to try my own and we will be starting them next week. I made a step by step to show my kids! 😊

Happy Painting! 🎨🖌

Parrot Heads!


5th graders will be painting parrots starting this week. We will paint them on black paper. I’ve got a ton of examples that they can choose from and then draw them freehand. I’m going to try tempera cakes and see how they do with controlling the paints. This is my example so far. I want to go through it as they go through it so they can see the progression and layering of colors.


So proud of the hard work my 5th graders have put into these awesome paintings. They are looking fantastic.