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Sweet Summertime


I’m about 2.5 weeks into summer and its flying by! But I guess that’s what happens when you’re having a great time.
This will be my third summer working for a program within our Parks and Rec department called Challenge. Last week was the boys’ extended and we took them for a two night trip to Emerald Isle and we paddled from Hammocks Beach State Park over to Shark Tooth island. We were supposed to continue on to Bear Island but the wind was just too strong. The kids really enjoyed themselves though and found some awesome sharks teeth and shells!









This week is the girls short week and we are leaving today for the US National Whitewater Center and one night at Crowders Mtn. It’s a new trip for us so we are all looking forward to it but keeping our fingers crossed that we don’t get washed out at the campsite.
We’ve already climbed, rappelled, hiked, and paddled this week…





I hope you’re enjoying your summer adventures like I am! 🙂

Reflections of Summer


Mrs. Osborne and the third graders are SO ready for summer and it’s showing in our sunglasses!
Third started their final project this week by creating some black frames and then making the lenses to in them. They had enough time to sketch out what they had planned in the coming months and we will finish coloring next week. I’m still debating on having them mount the sunglasses to a bright piece of paper.
Ps – If you do this with your kiddos, get your camera ready because they all look hilarious when they finish making the frames and decide to try them on. I’ll share a pic of my “art nerds” tomorrow!


Ugly Cry Face



It’s here! The first day back. Yes, I am still laying in bed, in semi-denial, even as I write this. When I finish, I will have to throw the covers back, roll out of my warm comfortable bed that I usually lay in until around 8… Or until whenever I feel like getting up, and then start the journey to teaching year number 8!
I really am okay with all of this and am very thankful that I still have a job in today’s economy. But let’s be honest -hanging out, doing whatever you want, is the best thing ever and who would WANT to quit that?

I’m actually looking forward to today. To meeting new coworkers. Working once again with former coworkers that I have missed. Walking into school, knowing that I truly have a home base and I get to go to it every single day! This year will be different but I can’t wait to get started!

SO, I guess it’s time to shut down the ugly cry face before, as my mother always warned, it freezes this way.

Coffee time!

Hiking the Appalachian Trail!


Ah, the “fun summer job” got much harder this past week when we took a group of kids on the Appalachian Trail. We hiked the 36 miles from Massie Gap to Damascus, VA. It was SO HARD. But it was beautiful and I am glad I completed this item on my bucket list.

Pictures are coming…


Sunset/moonrise on top of Whitetop Mtn in VA. So beautiful.

Summer Job – week one


Summer jobs. Most people hate them. I love mine! Working with the Parks & Rec Dept and the challenge program allows me to get kids outside and doing things I never had the courage to do as a kid. I barely have the courage to do some of our activities now! 🙂
We just finished our Pre-Challenge week for kids ages 7-9. We climbed, hiked, canoed, and spent the last day at the Fork Farm fishing, hiking, and meeting horses and hunting dogs. It was so much fun.

Tomorrow I will leave on another new adventure: hiking a small section of the Appalachian Trail. We will be hiking a little over 30miles from Greyson Highlands to Damascus. I am very excited about it but also very nervous. It’s only been THE hottest days of the year this week. Hoping for some cooler temps in the mountains of VA.

Here are a couple pictures from Pre-Challenge. Some of them are my students, which is cool to get to see them outside of the art room and pushing themselves in a different way!

Just Kidding!


I can’t stay away all summer so I guess I’ll just keep you up to date on what I am doing outside of school.

The first summer project: birthday gift for a soon to be 5 year old sweetie named Lizzie. My daughter chose the letters and then we picked up a canvas.

We hope Lizzie loves it!