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Jars of Madness


Last project for the Story Laboratory book fair! I usually do bug jars with the first graders in the Spring. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make some mad scientist jars. We had lots of fun discussing what you might find in a jar on a shelf in a mad scientists lab.

I already had the jars drawn out for them, they just had to cut them out. Then we added eyeballs, brains, snails, spiders, crazy bugs, and more. We made sure to press down when we were coloring so that our colors would be super bright.

They have done a great job. I’ll post some pictures of all our decorations when the book fair actually arrives and it’s all on display!



More Story Laboratory


Some more projects that my kids have been working on to help decorate the Story Laboratory-themed book fair…

Bugs & Beakers!



Mad scientists are on the loose!!!




Mad Scientists!


I can’t wait to explain this project! 😀

Okay, so our school’s bookfair is coming up and the theme is “Story Laboratory” and there are mad scientists on the loose, crazy bugs flying around, and beakers of unidentified concoctions overflowing. I love helping out with bookfair decor and this year should be lots of fun.

1st graders will be making bug jars, 2nd grade will be making painted paper beakers, 5th graders have already started on some genetically modified bugs, and 3rd grade will be turning themselves into mad scientists whose brains love to READ! I’m posting step-by-step pictures of my example and I’ll add some of their’s when we finish. 🙂

First, I will take their pictures with Photobooth on my Mac. Of course they will be instructed to look as crazy/mad scientisty as possible.


Next, they will cut out their heads and shoulders and then cut off the top of their heads, where the brain will be hanging out.



I’m using peachy colored paper for the brain, which I know is not accurate but it’s more colorful than gray. Don’t forget to add the arms to hold the book!


After gluing the brain and arms together, they will glue themselves to their background. I’m going to go ahead and give them a background to work on while I take their pictures at the beginning of class.



I use a little 4×6 piece of white paper to make the book. I’ll encourage them to make the cover of their favorite book. Just glue that onto the hands and you’re done!


I think these are going to turn out so great! The classes that have already seen my example are excited. I’ll post again when we are finished.