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North Carolina Agriculture Still Lifes


I had my 3rd and 4th graders create still lifes inspired by the fresh fruit and veggies they are offered everyday at school. We looked at a map on the NC Department of Agriculture’s website and discussed some of the commodities that are grown here. I was worried that they might be bored with this but they actually enjoyed talking about their experiences of going to apple festivals, picking strawberries, and field trips to the pumpkin patches. I loved the bright, colorful variety in their pictures. : )

Cut Paper Still Life


These cute little fruit bowls are the work of 2nd graders! We discussed still life’s and creating space in our artwork. First we drew the table cloth with a pattern. Then cut out a bowl and glued it to the table, leaving the top of the bowl open to tuck in the fruit. Then we used paper from the scrap box to create fruit. They had to have at least 4 different types of fruit in their bowl and at least one piece laying on the table. If they had time at the end, they could add something in the background like a window or a clock, using a crayon.