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Fun with Dali


My second graders love learning about Salvador Dali and looking at pictures of him and his artwork. He’s so crazy and cooky, it’s right up their alley. We also learn about blending and intermediate colors, and analogous color schemes with this crayon resist project.


Dashing Dali


I found this over at There’s A Dragon in my Art Room and she gives cred to Use Your Coloured Pencils. It’s easy and cute and the kids enjoyed looking at and trying to figure out Dali’s crazy artwork. UYCP used pipe cleaners. I didn’t have enough black pipe cleaners so we used black yarn.

This is mine but I’ll post pictures of theirs tomorrow!



I had two of my second grade classes do the Dali portraits and the other three classes did a cool picture of some Dali-esque birds, similar to his tall, skinny elephants. The kids love his crazy artwork and always squeal in delight? horror? when I show them some photographs of him. He is definitely an artist that kids enjoy!