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Primary Popsicles

Primary Popsicles

I found this awesome lesson for my 2nd graders over at Mrs. Knight’s Smartist Artists. We reviewed pop art and Wayne Thiebaud with this and then reviewed the color wheel and color mixing. We also watched Scratch Garden’s video The Color Song. 

We had our discussion and painted the paper in the first class with the primary colors for the Popsicles. 

Then the second class was spent creating the background with secondary colors and then making the Popsicles. We were just barely able to get all those steps in on the second day. 


Caged Primary Birds


“Three little birds
sat on my window
and they told me I don’t have to worry…”
~Corrine Bailey Rae

I found this project awhile back over at The Clever Feather.
First graders started on these super cute little bird cages today and they are loving it! We reviewed what our primary colors are and how we mixed them to get the secondary colors.
I had them trim off the top of the the paper to make the cage shape and then we started drawing the birds with sharpie. We colored out birds with the primary colors and then colored the background with a color we had not used yet. I passed out little pieces of tissue paper to make a wing for each bird. Next week we will add the cages and finish coloring.

Come back and check us out the next week!






Update: here are some of the finished birdcages. Looking back, I think it would be good to make this project a color mixing lesson. Primary colors were too simple for first grade. There was plenty of room to put more birds in most of their cages so I would have them draw three birds on each perch, two primary birds and the secondary color that the primaries make. Ah, reflection. 🙂