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Blue Man Group


Saw this post on Pinterest last night (I mean, really, what did we do before Pinterest???) and I can’t wait to do it with my kids! It’s from There’s A Dragon In My Art Room and it looks like lots of fun. It will also be a nice move from my recent discussion of Picasso’s Rose period that we had for our Valentine’s Day Rose Period Hearts Project.
I will for sure be posting these ASAP!


Picasso Hearts


I came across this lesson on Deep Space Sparkle who gives credit to Painted Paper’s post about Picasso’s Rose Period Hearts. The lesson is pretty simple but the kids loved the freedom of painting any kind of line, shape, or pattern on their hearts. We took the time to fold our paper and cut our own hearts and they did beautifully. No broken hearts in this first grade class! 🙂 I shared with them the examples on DSS’s page and Painted Paper’s too. I’ll be posting pictures of their finished pieces next week! In the mean time, here is my example. Happy ❤ making!