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Kinder Weaving


Oh my goodness. This is not a project for those with limited patience. Still not sure that I’ll survive it myself and I feel like I have a pretty good supply.
I found this project and thought it looked nice. It’s definitely not something I’ve ever attempted before and I have the largest classes i have ever had. I printed the lines on the construction paper with the copier and it was great scissor-using practice. But then we had to start weaving… Whew! A few kids picked it up right away. I’m hoping that next week, after round two, I can get them all on board.











4th Grade’s Magic Carpet Ride


This week, fourth grade started work on their “Magic Carpets” by painting some of the paper they will use for it. We will probably spend another class painting paper, another class typing up some lines about ourselves to weave into the carpets and then the final class will be spent doing the actual weaving. This might take two classes – we’ll see! I’ll share pictures as we progress through the project, so check back in later. For now, this is my sample:


All the finished Weavings can be found in this post:

2nd Grade Calaveras


This is a little late but I found this fantastic project over at Paintbrush Rocket’s blog and fell in love. It’s bright and festive and involves cut paper… Maybe I am more of a fan of Matisse than I realized. Anyway…
I’ll get some pictures of the student’s work soon. 🙂




Frankenstein Cylinders


One more Halloween post before I put the decorations away!
These are some cute, simple, one day lesson Frankensteins for the little ones that also teaches them about forms.
We reviewed our flat shapes and then talked about 3D shapes called forms and where you can see them in everyday life. I briefly discussed a kid-friendly version of Frankenstein’s Monster and then we made our cylinders.
First we cut the zigzag line across the black strip of paper and then glued it to the green. Then we added the face and all the Frankenstein-ish details. Finally, we glued the ends of the paper to make our form and I ha to re-enforce some of them with the stapler. It was a fun project to do and they just loved it.


Alma Thomas Mosaics


I came across Alma Woodsey Thomas a couple years ago and loved her abstract work. I decided to have my 6th graders create a paper mosaic in the same style and I always have several that come out beautifully. I try to teach them that the key is to be consistent. All the pieces need to be close in size, they need to be spaced evenly apart, and the colors need to be aesthetically pleasing. We only use paper from the scrap box and we definitely discuss the proper way to use glue. : )
Let me know what you think!