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Chinese New Year Collaborative Dragon


I came across this super cool project for Chinese New Year at arteascuola.com. Miriam shared some of the process and the end product was so cool! I wanted to share my step by step process here to use with my students as well as with you all! Once we get the final dragon complete, I will share more photos. Until then, please check out Miriam’s page here: Arteascuola

Im going to be honest, I’m doing this with first grade so I’m anxious to see the results of this color wheel. 🤷🏼‍♀️Let’s do this!!

It went so well!!! They were excited and everybody’s turned out great. Next, we will add the petals, symbols for scholarship, friendship, and sportsmanship (my school’s motto). We will then put them all together to create the dragon!

I tried to photograph the steps of making the head but I’m not sure how clear this is. I had to pretty much figure it out on my own just looking at the finished example on Arteascuola.


Samburu Necklaces


I came across Once Upon An Art Room’s project on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea. It’s a project that I’ve never even thought about attempting because who has enough beads to make all those necklaces with 4 classes of fourth graders? Not this poor art teacher. But I was just not thinking like a crafty art teacher needs to think these days! After seeing Once’s project I was ready to go out and buy my very affordable pack of 100 paper plates! I thought the kids might not like the idea of trying to turn an ugly white paper plate into a beautiful Samburu necklace but I was WRONG! They are loving it and doing a fabulous job.
Check out some of our necklaces so far: