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Winter and Holiday Bulletin Boards


A few bulletin boards I’ve been working on…



This one still has a couple of spots waiting to be filled! 🙂


Here some more reindeer with their applications attached. Love these.



Beautiful Baubles for Fifth Grade


Yesterday was an early release day for my school system and all of the art teachers were brought together for a little staff development. I love getting together with my fellow art teachers! They are all such creative people and bring different things to the table. We shared lessons with each other and I’m so glad because I was kind of stuck on this lesson for fifth grade.
I found a cute picture on Pinterest and tried it out on Monday with the first class. It went okay but not near as well as I had hoped. *superhero music* Another art teacher saved the day with one of her lessons she shared. It was so pretty and covered most of the objectives that my other lesson covered but was a little different. This was what I came up with:
1. We started with some practice on some spheres and adding value.
2. Then I passed out these three circles for them to paint. We added the highlight with pencil lightly first, just to make sure we didn’t cover it up by accident.


4. We are using analogous colors to paint each ornament.

5. While those dry, we make the simple background. Using a black sheet of construction paper, we used oil pastels to make the pine branches.




6. Cut out your circles and glue them on, leaving enough space to add the ornament hangers. I used a silver oil pastel to make my hangers.



Simple and beautiful! Thanks Rebekah!
Rebekah recently started her own blog – check it out!
Color It Like You Mean It!

Here are some of the completed projects. I told them they could add snow or whatever in the background. They turned out beautifully!