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Happy Earth Day!


To celebrate Earth Day with my first graders, we talked about the saying, “The Earth without Art is just Eh”. They loved it and thought it was hilarious saying, “Eh.” Silly kids. 🙂
So then we discussed some Earth Day facts and pretended to be the hippies at the original Earth Day. Then we got down to business and started painting on our newspaper. We drew a big circle and then used a crayon to write the quote around it. Then we painted our earth and if they finished that in time, they were allowed to paint the background with any colors they wanted.
They turned out colorful and great and they had a blast. Perfect. 🙂






5th Grade Patriotism


I found this lesson on The Smart Teacher Smart Exchange through Facebook. My 5th graders just started this week and they are really doing well with it. We discussed Jasper Johns and his artwork and then looked quickly at the history of the American flag.
I gave them each a half of a piece of newspaper – not newsprint but a real sheet of newspaper. They decided what flag they wanted to draw, sketched it in pencil onto the newspaper, and then traced everything with sharpie. I posted a page of patriotic pieces like the pledge of allegiance and the star spangled banner, my country tis of thee, and America, the Beautiful. They chose snippets out of these to write on their flags.
Next week, we will finish with that and then paint. I’ll be posting more pictures as we continue.