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Whistle a visual tune


I found this project on smART Class’ blog and I love all the cool projects that she comes up with that mixes photography, collage, and technology. She is SO smART!
The kids enjoyed this so much and they received many compliments from teachers and students. I love to see them be proud of what they’ve created.

We started out by using Photobooth on the Macs to take pictures of them whistling. They had to lighten it in iPhoto and then printed and cut it out. We glued it to a 12×18 white paper. The next class, I had set up each table with a different medium – watercolors, color pencils, crayons, oil pastels, markers, and metallic crayons. They spent that class moving around the room and adding different lines with different materials. The third and final class, we used sharpies to add lots of patterns, lines, and shapes to the leftover empty areas.