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Snowflake Mosaic


I am super excited about this project that I recently found on Thomas Elementary’s blog.
Luckily I have a husband who is very techie and had lots of old CDs laying around, just asking to be upcycled! This is mine but I can’t wait to do it with my kids! Planning on starting tomorrow and I’ll update with photos as we go! These first few pics are of my example and I didn’t even use half of a cd. 🙂




Alma Thomas Mosaics


I came across Alma Woodsey Thomas a couple years ago and loved her abstract work. I decided to have my 6th graders create a paper mosaic in the same style and I always have several that come out beautifully. I try to teach them that the key is to be consistent. All the pieces need to be close in size, they need to be spaced evenly apart, and the colors need to be aesthetically pleasing. We only use paper from the scrap box and we definitely discuss the proper way to use glue. : )
Let me know what you think!