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Let’s be FRANK: Picasso Rocks!

Let’s be FRANK: Picasso Rocks!

Saw this project on Art Projects for Kids and thought it would be a festive way to discuss Picasso with my second graders. They have totally loved looking at his crazy Cubist paintings and then making their own version of Cubist Frankenstein.
We drew their Frankie with sharpie and then colored it all in, including some spooky things in the background. The original plan was to look trough magazines for the eyes but it was near impossible to find eyes big enough to go on the monsters. I ended up doing a google search for “eye” and just printing the results. It worked out well.
Check out some of our finished pieces!





Tissue Box Monsters


I made these fun monsters with a special Ed class and we had so much fun. The kids loved them and they were able to experience some things they had not worked with before. I’ve seen these called tattle monsters as well, where kids write down their “tattle” and put it in the box instead of telling the teacher. You could also make them into valentine boxes. Either way, they are fun and easy and a great way to recycle all those tissue boxes we go through.








Frankenstein Cylinders


One more Halloween post before I put the decorations away!
These are some cute, simple, one day lesson Frankensteins for the little ones that also teaches them about forms.
We reviewed our flat shapes and then talked about 3D shapes called forms and where you can see them in everyday life. I briefly discussed a kid-friendly version of Frankenstein’s Monster and then we made our cylinders.
First we cut the zigzag line across the black strip of paper and then glued it to the green. Then we added the face and all the Frankenstein-ish details. Finally, we glued the ends of the paper to make our form and I ha to re-enforce some of them with the stapler. It was a fun project to do and they just loved it.