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Thanksgiving Bulletin Board


I love this quote about gratitude and think it is a great reminder for the holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m really hoping to focus this year on giving and having more experiences rather than material gifts. My child does not need every toy she sees or wants and the same goes for me (shoes and home decor are my weaknesses.) Let’s be grateful for what we have and spend more time and money on living.
Oh and aren’t those pumpkins and cornucopia miniatures beautiful? 🙂



Found Object Art?


Ben Wilson takes Found Object Art to a whole new level. I saw the post about Ben on Freshly Pressed and it caught my eye because the photo looked like a Kandinsky. It turns out that it was all blobs of chewing gum.

Ben finds gum that people have spit out on sidewalks and turns it into tiny little artworks. He takes requests, I guess from people around him (?), so some of the artworks are pretty personal. I saw one that was a memorial to their family cat. Pretty cool and I suppose it’s much cheaper than buying canvas. 🙂 I would love to attempt something like this with my students!

Here’s the link: Little London Observationist