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Mini me’s


WOW, what a busy first two weeks of school! It has been like, “wham, bam, thank you ma’am!” I love being at one school and I have enjoyed seeing all of my kids for the first time again.
Kinders started out by making a “Where’s Waldo” type of project by making little self portraits. Then I made a mini-Mrs. Smith (principal) and mini-AMP team members. I hung all of us up on a bulletin board outside the cafeteria/entry of the school so all the passers-by can “Find Mrs. Smith”! It’s fun.
Then first grade got back into the swing of things by reviewing rules and procedures and some basic vocabulary words. We made the miniature easels that I posted about before and they had such a fun time. They were so excited about taking them home. I love when they are proud of their creations. 🙂
Looking forward to the coming weeks of more first projects and fall weather!



And I can’t resist sharing a picture of my own sweet kindergartener on her first day of this new adventure!



Slowly But Surely…


Four more days… And don’t call me Shirley! 🙂

Pictures from around the classroom:

Rules of play!

Art. Music. Physical Education. Board! We have lots of fun!

Two down… Two more to go!!!

Booooring! Let’s see what we can do with this!

First project of the year: “I like art because…” mini self portraits and easels. Thank you pinterest goddesses!

Table labels with the colors in different languages and a 4S line sign! Thanks, Adventures of an Art Teacher!





Will be this, after the first week of school. For fourth grade, each table will get a letter of ARTIST and will fill each letter with a collage of colors from magazines. Thanks, Mrs. Recker!