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Summer Job – Week 5


Ahhh, my last week of my summer job. I enjoy this job but this summer really tested my dedication. Every single trip we took ended up in rainy, stormy weather.
This week was our girls extended trip and we took them out on a new adventure for all of us. We were supposed to head to Carolina Beach State Park for camping and then get up and paddle out to Masonboro Island, a coastal reserve. Not long after we arrived, the storms blew in and we were caught in hurricane level winds, lightning that we saw strike trees directly in front of us and blow up a transformer to our right. It was very scary and I was so thankful we were in the van and not in our tents! The next day when we were supposed to paddle, the wind was still blowing so hard that we decided not to attempt the paddle out to the island. We let the girls play on the beach and at the marina in the park, which they seemed to enjoy very much. I hate we didn’t get to enjoy the trip as planned but hope we get another shot at it some time!





We did get a little paddling in!!! 🙂




Day Two’s sunset *almost* made up for the craziness of the night before.