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Continual Line Drawing


I am so loving these continual line drawings of owls that my 3rd graders are working on. It is so hard for some of them to let go of perfection. They look at me like I am absolutely nuts when I tell them they can’t pick up their marker until they are completely finished with the drawing. Luckily, there is a great, short video on the original site for this project. It can be found here: megduerksen.com

The drawing goes quickly but the coloring will take awhile. This also seems to be a great way to squeeze every last drop of ink out of the markers for the year. 🙂 




Calaveras de Dulce (Sugar Skulls)

Calaveras de Dulce (Sugar Skulls)

Fourth graders have been discussing El Dia de Los Muertos. After looking at lots of examples of sugar skulls, we created our own. We used markers for our skulls and cut them out and glued them to a piece of construction paper. Then we painted a colorful frame around them!









Plucky Penguins


Kindergarten started the new year off on the right webbed-foot with this cute penguin project. 🙂 I found it through Pinterest but it’s original source is The Very Busy Kindergarten – thanks, Sue!!!

We read a book about the life-cycle of a penguin through We Give Books and discussed their habitat as well.
We dove into making the background, using markers, brushes and water. I encouraged bright colors for the sky and asked them to keep it white and blue for the snowy ground.
Next week we will make the penguin and add it to the background. I think they are going to turn out really well!