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Silberzweig Portraits


I first learned of Sandra Silberzweig at a professional development day with my school system’s art teachers. And of course, as new things tend to do, after learning about her I started seeing her stuff everywhere. 

I love her art and all the colors and patterns in it. The kids love it too and other than how colorful it is, they love the funky, stylized aspect of her faces. 

One of my favorites is the cat eating a fish:

And of course the Dia de Los Muertos inspired calavera:

So my first and third graders have been working on their own versions and I thought I would share some of their work in progress:

I will be sure to share their finished pieces too! 


Cosmic Alphabet


First grade reviewed the alphabet as well as lines and patterns with the Cosmic Alphabet project. We discussed different types of lines and designs before we began and then we started on the alphabet. My paper already had boxes on it for the letters, but it only had 24 so I put two letters in two of the boxes. I tried to explain this to them but only some of them remembered. It’s fine – my goal was just for them to make sure all the letters were in order! We used a regular white crayon for the letters. Then we added the lines with the construction paper crayons. They loved how bright the colors looked on the black paper and said they thought the lines might glow in the dark. 😉

My example is first, then their’s follow. It was a great reviewing project!