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Jars of Madness


Last project for the Story Laboratory book fair! I usually do bug jars with the first graders in the Spring. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make some mad scientist jars. We had lots of fun discussing what you might find in a jar on a shelf in a mad scientists lab.

I already had the jars drawn out for them, they just had to cut them out. Then we added eyeballs, brains, snails, spiders, crazy bugs, and more. We made sure to press down when we were coloring so that our colors would be super bright.

They have done a great job. I’ll post some pictures of all our decorations when the book fair actually arrives and it’s all on display!




Bug Jars


So who doesn’t love catching crawly, glowing, 6- and 8- legged things when you’re little? The kids loved this project and love telling everyone about all the yucky bugs, snakes, and spiders that they like to catch and put in jars. We discussed the bugs and then moved onto the magical ellipse. We talked about all the things we could draw that would need an ellipse (cups, bowls, ice cream cones, and cakes.) Then they traced the jars but had to make the top look like an ellipse. Then we added all of the bugs, etc and colored them super bright and super neat.
They’ve received lots of nice compliments on their artwork from lots of their friends in other grades! 🙂