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Something’s Fishy About This…

Something’s Fishy About This…

I have kind of (really) gotten on a fish kick with some of my classes. My Kinders, 2nd, and 3rd graders have all been working on fish projects. With K and 2, we talked about Henri Matisse and his beautiful fishbowl paintings. And with 3rd Grade, we looked at pictures of koi fish and discussed the story of the koi in the waterfall and how they are symbols for strength and perseverance. I love how fantastic they all are turning out. 

Kindergarten (we read Henri’s Scissors with this!) 

Second grade:

*thanks to Whitney Elementary on Artsonia for the example we used! 

Third Grade:

Ready for Spring!

Ready for Spring!

Kinders started working on some Spring-inspired pictures this week. We looked at some of Henri Rousseau’s artwork and lots of pictures of beautiful flowers. We also discussed our favorite bugs/spiders/snakes. We talked about how to completely fill our paper with objects, even if that meant that some of the object wouldn’t be seen. This week we are drawing the plants and flowers. Next week we will add the magnifying glass with our favorite bug. We used construction paper crayons for this project, with some help from regular crayons inside the magnifying glass.




Henri Rousseau Jungle Collages


This is another lesson that I’ve been doing for years but have never documented.
Second grade discusses Henri Rousseau and how we can use a combination of our imaginations and real life to put together a composition of something or some place that we’ve never seen before.
Everything is made from cut paper and they always turn out so colorful.


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