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Play that funky music, Picasso!


It’s time for my third graders to learn about Picasso and all of his guitars and then make one of their own with painted paper. …maybe I should have called this post Picasso’s Painted Paper Pickers.



Third Grade ROCKS!


This beautiful project came from over at Painted Paper of course. The kids absolutely loved making the guitars and they really turned out so fantastic. I don’t think there was one “bad” one in the whole class. It took us two class periods. One day to trace the guitars and paint the paper and then the next class we cut them out, added the “holes”, strings, and tuners. We also painted a little outline around the body of the guitar.





8th grade ROCKS!


8th graders always seem to like doing this project because it allows them to express their personalities, no matter what their interests are, and work with their friends. I start out by looking at some “famous” guitars and their players with the class and discussing what makes the guitars stand out. Is it the guitar or the guitarist? Then we look at some funny and weird guitars – lego guitar, bigfoot guitar, etc. I put the kids in groups of two or three and they have to design, on paper first, a guitar that expresses some part of their personality. Then they have to actually create this guitar using cardboard and any other found materials (kind of Picasso-esque.) Each year the guitars get better and better! This year, one of my favorites was the brick wall guitar. The cheeseburger and hotdog guitar just make me laugh. : )