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Best. Summer. Ever.


Our last ditch effort at relaxation! Wait, is relaxing supposed to be an effort? Just kidding – our last trip of the summer has been so amazingly great. To get to spend uninterrupted time with my little lady, her friends, and one of my bffs has been the best way to send off Summer 2012.
We have gone to Ripley’s Aquarium, eaten at Margaritaville, hung out under the sunshine all day by the ocean, and tried a great restaurant that none of us had been to before called, Bovine’s. They had wood fired ovens and amazing pizza and it was right on the water of an inlet. It’s kind of a “restaurant row” area and there is a cool Marsh Walk that you stroll down by the water, all along the backside of the restaurants. It’s extra awesome at night because most of the places have live music and lots of deck lights and rocking chairs. It’s a great atmosphere for family or just adults!
As this trip comes to an end, I am getting a little antsy to just get started on the school year. I’m looking forward to meeting some new teachers our school has gained and another great year with my students!!!