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Ready, Set, FUND RAISE!!!


So it begins, the annual march to make some extra money for my classroom. The actual fundraising will not start until Spring but the making of the artwork starts NOW! 🙂 I’m spreading it out this year in an attempt to not be quite so harried about it. First grade is going first and are working on their owl pictures. These turned out amazing last year and I had so many compliments from parents and staff that I thought it would make a great choice.

Check out some of the works in progress!


4th grade Zentangle Owls












K-2 Fall Art


My Kindergarten through second grades have been busy little art-making bees! We have not only been making beautiful Fall art, but we have also been working on bookmarks for our Muffins for Mom morning, decorations for our school book fair, and prepping for our Art to Remember fundraiser! Check out some of my K-2 artwork!






Fall Collage


I did this project with one of my special needs classes and they really have enjoyed it. You could also do this with a kindergarten or first grade class. The first day, we painted a piece of yellow paper with red and yellow paint. They were totally enthralled with the color-mixing. We also painted a smaller piece with green. Then we used a piece of 9×12 dark blue paper and added some grass with construction paper crayons. We also added some stars with gold glitter because I am one of the art teachers that believes most things look better with a little sparkle! The second day, we drew our pumpkins, cut them out, and glued them to the background. We used our green painted paper to add the stems, vines, leaves, and the great curly-cues to the pumpkins. Beautiful and simple. It helped our students with their fine motor control and following simple directions. Enjoy!



“Hoo” Loves Fall Art?


Finally got around to taking pictures of another bulletin board I put up in the entry way of my school. The projects were both done with First graders and I thought they looked so nice together, I put them all on one board. It’s just a select few, but I just don’t have the time or space to put up all of their work. The first project was the Fall trees and we discussed warm and cool colors and the changing leaves. I have two versions of a tree that I use for Kindergarten and First grades. The first graders’ tree is much more intricate and difficult to cut out. It tests their cutting skills and these guys all did great.
The second project was the step-by-step owls and we discussed shapes before and during the drawing of the owls. The all look similar but they all have their own little personalities. I found different versions of this on Artsonia and at Art Projects for Kids! 🙂

Pretty Plump Pumpkins


I found this idea at Artsonia, taught by Linda Welling at Cedar Creek Elementary. She said she used chalk pastels but I chose to use oil pastels. They seem to be less messy and I didn’t want to cause any asthma attacks! We used black paper and sketched with pencils before drawing with glue. The next class period, we colored in the pumpkins, avoiding the glue. They were required to use at least three shades of orange on their pumpkins. Here is the link to her museum page at Artsonia.
I’ll add another picture when I can get more pumpkins hung up!