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A glimpse of the action


Here’s a few shots of some of our first projects. Reviewing elements with fourth and fifth, learning more about the color wheel and practicing zentangles with third, and using warm and cool colors, shapes, and lines with second. The year is off to great start! 


Elements of Art!

Elements of Art!

Third, Fourth, and Fifth graders are all diving right into the Elements of Art whether in review or in depth.

Fourth grade is reviewing with an all in one composition. We wrote ‘ART’ in block letters and then divided the page into seven sections. Each section will showcase an element. Check out what we have so far.


The kids are really doing a nice job and I’ll be sure to share when we’re finished!

Update: we’re finished!


4th Grade NC Seascapes


So in 4th grade, we get to talk about one of my favorite places – the beach! We are creating seascapes, inspired by the NC coast and this beautiful post at the Clever Feather. We are also including discussions about the elements of art: line, color, and space. They had a hard time with the waves initially, but after breaking it down into more simple forms (draw a C, etc.), they felt much more successful. I’ll continue adding pictures as we go!