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Egyptian Pyramids


Fourth grade is finishing up their Ancient Egyptian unit by making pyramid dioramas. They are enjoying making these and they are turning out beautifully. Other classes and teachers walk by and are totally jealous (as they should be 😉

I found the pyramid outline here and blew it up to 110% on a 9×12″ paper. We used texture plates to add some neat textures so it wouldn’t just be plain paper. We also used the texture plates on the 8×8″ base. We use scraps on paper to make trees, camels, etc.



Egyptian Pharoah Portraits


Fourth grade really enjoyed learning about the queens and pharoahs and all of the art of Ancient Egypt. We looked at tons of photos of monuments, hieroglyphics, sculptures, and sarcophagi. We took their photos using Photobooth on the Mac and then cut their heads and necks out and glued them to a black background. We drew the clothes and head-ware with pencil, first, then added color with oil pastels. They also wrote their names in hieroglyphics and added a frame of gold and silver. They all seemed pleased with their final products!