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Creepin’ Calaveras!


I decided to do some Dia de los Muertos art this year so as not to be taken over by the Halloween bug. The kids loved them and they have been getting lots of compliments from others on their beautiful and colorful work! We discussed the traditions of the celebration and looked at some examples of different types of art associated with Dia de los Muertos. Then we discussed the colorful backgrounds we were shooting for and the types of designs to be included. I cut several different colors of 9×12 paper and let them choose from those bright colors. They used construction paper crayons to create the designs. The next class, we looked at this website to follow step-by-step instructions on how to draw a skull. I gave them a 4.5×6 piece of white paper for them to do the skull. We drew in pencil and then outlined in Sharpie. They drew their calavera designs with construction paper crayons as well. The third class they cut out the skulls, glued them to the background, and filled in any empty space around their skulls. I don’t think I had a “bad” one in the bunch. Fun project!