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The Land of Lala


I came across this photo that inspired this project.

It would have been such a great project that I know I would have enjoyed as a kid. I think (know) my students are enjoying it because I heard one of them say today, “I can’t wait to come back to art.” They didn’t want to give me their papers when it was time to leave because they were enjoying what they were doing too much. I love it. It’s what I live and work each day towards. Even if they don’t love everything about art and think about it constantly like I do, I want them to find SOMETHING they love about art and that they can look back on and say,”I really enjoyed that.” Mission accomplished.

So, we started by taking their pictures with photobooth. Printed them out, cut them out and glued to a plain white sheet of paper. Then I set them loose to draw, doodle, sketch and daydream. Thy are doing a great job and I can’t wait to see their finished pieces.