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Sometimes you have to put it out to pasture…

Sometimes you have to put it out to pasture…

My fifth graders have been working on these cow paintings for a few weeks now. We discussed foreshortening and looked at lots of examples before we started our sketches. 

When they finished their sketches, I let them choose a color for their background but gave them black and white or analogous colors to add to the main color to give the pictures some depth.  

I gave them a fairly limited palette with only brown, black, white, and the primary colors to paint their cows and they did a nice job mixing to get the other colors they wanted. 

Some of these are just hilarious because of the expressions on the faces but I love all of them. The drawing goal was to show depth with foreshortening and the painting goal was to show texture with painting technique and more depth with highlights and shadows. 

I’ll be adding more photos of finished cows soon! 



Putting the shapes out to pasture


Did you like that? Shapes… Out to pasture? Ha! Sorry, it’s hard to come up with catchy titles ALL the time.

So kindergarten has been making these super cute cow paintings. Where did I see this idea? On Pinterest of course! Check out my super smart special almost first graders and their cows!