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Klimt Trees and Kindness Grows


I recently came across the book, Kindness Grows by Britta Teckentrup and just fell in love with it. Then another art teacher posted a project of a tree inspired by Gustav Klimt and I decided I must bring these two things together for one of my grades. That grade is third grade and we will be creating these beautiful trees inspired by two other beautiful trees!


Rudolph’s Crazy Cousin


Meet Randy, Rudy’s crazy cousin. It’s okay – we all have them.
This is another great art/writing activity that I found HERE!  We made our reindeer today and though I did get started on the glittered noses, we will have to wait and finish next time while we write about them.  We made the reindeer and after gluing them together, we put them on a Christmas scrapbook paper patterned square.  I am offering red glitter or black glitter for the noses.  Some of the kids started naming their reindeer as well.  Examples: Crazy Connie, Wrinkle, Icky Nicky Nacky Nook, and Harris. Ha!  Funny stuff.  I’ll post some more pictures as we finish!




More Mother’s Day!


First graders started on a super cute project I found on Pinterest: Mother’s Day Adjective Ice Cream Cones! I love this and think it could be altered for many different themes or holidays/celebrations.
For the first class, we looked at a finished example and discussed adjectives. Then we made our ice cream cones. I used a 6″x9″ brown piece for the cone and a pink piece of the same size for the ice cream. Then we finished for the day by making the cherry on top. We added “Mom” to the cherry and spent the last few minutes of class suggesting some great adjectives for our moms.









Plucky Penguins


Kindergarten started the new year off on the right webbed-foot with this cute penguin project. 🙂 I found it through Pinterest but it’s original source is The Very Busy Kindergarten – thanks, Sue!!!

We read a book about the life-cycle of a penguin through We Give Books and discussed their habitat as well.
We dove into making the background, using markers, brushes and water. I encouraged bright colors for the sky and asked them to keep it white and blue for the snowy ground.
Next week we will make the penguin and add it to the background. I think they are going to turn out really well!