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Color coordinate with Kandinsky


This is the last project of the year for my second graders. They are loving it and therefore doing a fantastic job. We discussed Mr. Kandinsky and abstract art and talked a little about color theory.
I really wanted the kids to enjoy themselves with mixing and painting colors without getting caught up in creating a specific object.
I started with a white piece of paper with a 4×3 block grid printed on it. I’m going to try black paper with my other school and see how it turns out.

Then we passed out the paint. I gave them 6 colors and bit of white to mix in egg cartons. I’ve never used egg cartons but it worked perfectly for this.

I’m planning on making this project last for two weeks so I told them that they could paint six full squares OR work on all of them but not completely finish any of them on the first day. The second day is spent finishing and discussing. I played music for them to listen to while painting but the first day we were interrupted by the fire drill!!! :/
My example! Can’t wait to see some finished products!