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Monster on the Loose!


My 6th graders have been working so hard on perfecting these two point perspective cities. When they were finished, they had to write a 6 word story to accompany their artwork. It was great to see some kids really flourish with the technical side of it.

1pt. Perspective Names


5th graders have been learning about one point perspective and have created these nice pictures with their names. I love their creativity! I think next time I might try having them put the vanishing point in the middle of the horizon line to get that cool bursting out effect.

PS – I love doing this as one of the first projects of the year because it helps to refresh me on their names and learn any new student names as well! 🙂





Bug Jars


So who doesn’t love catching crawly, glowing, 6- and 8- legged things when you’re little? The kids loved this project and love telling everyone about all the yucky bugs, snakes, and spiders that they like to catch and put in jars. We discussed the bugs and then moved onto the magical ellipse. We talked about all the things we could draw that would need an ellipse (cups, bowls, ice cream cones, and cakes.) Then they traced the jars but had to make the top look like an ellipse. Then we added all of the bugs, etc and colored them super bright and super neat.
They’ve received lots of nice compliments on their artwork from lots of their friends in other grades! 🙂





Illuminated 4th Graders


I loved this project because it is personalized for each student, but they all follow the same set of guidelines and use the same materials. We discussed the history of illuminated letters and most of the kids knew what I was talking about before I really got past, “the extra big first letter of the first sentence…” We used a ruler to create the border first, then I had them use letters that I had already printed out, to trace. Then they had to weave something around their letter (like a vine, a snake, a dragon, or a chain) and then color with color pencil. They all came out so well and none of them were even remotely alike! I love it!