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Rudi-garten the 5 year old Reindeer

Rudi-garten the 5 year old Reindeer

A fellow art teacher made these with her students last year and though she is braver than I and let them paint the whole thing, we did paint the background. It was a directed drawing and then we colored the smaller parts and painted the sky. They have turned out so cute and as always, each little reindeer has it’s own personality!




Help Wanted: Lead Reindeer



I found this awesome art and writing activity at What the Teacher Wants! I am excited about this and so are the kids.  I took their pictures while they were working on another project and this week we will be putting it all together and filling out our applications.  I can’t wait to see what they write and share with you!




Grumpy reindeer! Haha! He’s a sweet kid.




Little Carolers


I found this cute project on Deep Space Sparkle but it was only a cute suggestion that she had found on Plastiquem.  The first graders that did this project did a great job and they loved the outcome.  They also loved discussing all the Christmas carols they like to sing and all the places they’ve been to sing them! 🙂

We started with a head and simple body and added a little toboggan.  We also discussed the art of Fair Isle Sweaters and decorated our carolers sweaters like that.  Here are some of their cute results!

photo (3) photo (4) photo (5) photo (6) photo (7) photo (8)


Merry Christmas!

So many songs from which to choose…


It’s that time of year again… My favorite… CHRISTMAS!!! I love the winter holidays! From Thanksgiving to New Years, I am a happy girl. I put my decorations up the day after Thanksgiving. I changed some things up this year and have gone with a more gingerbread house, sugared plums theme.


I love my giant bow that would look just as happy on Cindy Lou Who’s head as it does on top of my tree.
Gingerbread house making and sugar cookie baking are on their way!

Here are a couple of winter/holiday boards. I’ll post some more of our current projects as we complete them!






Oil Pastel Nutcrackers


Fourth graders have made these awesome nutcrackers for several years but I just never blog about them. This is the year! I found this project originally on Art Projects for Kids website. It’s simple, but like most simple projects, if its colored neatly, it looks awesome. I encourage the kids to be creative and I tell them they can color them like the classic nutcrackers or they can turn them into a parody or a more fun version of a nutcracker. Here are a few from this year!




Santa Claus is coming to town…


Sorry about the annoying songs for titles thing… I love christmas music! Anyway, here is my Cropped Watercolor Santa lesson.

I love doing this lesson (with 3rd graders) because it forces them to draw and think in a different way than they are used to drawing. Zooming in on something doesn’t seem to be a natural tendency for most and they sometimes have a hard time wrapping their heads around this concept. I tell them to really focus on the face and don’t forget about important details like, “NO BUG EYES!” and “Santa is an old man so give him bushy old man eyebrows!”

It’s also a great watercolor technique lesson because we mix colors for the skin and I have started telling them that Santa shouldn’t look like he just overdid it in the spray tan booth. (hehe!) We also discuss how important it is to use just the right amount of water and color so that you can control where the paint goes. These always showcase different drawing styles and I love it.