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Year of the Fire Rooster

Year of the Fire Rooster

Chinese New Year is happening in a couple days and my 1st and 2nd graders celebrated with some beautiful artwork! Check it out…


Picasso, Primativism, Paint, and Pastels

Picasso, Primativism, Paint, and Pastels

I saw this project on A Glimmer of Light and decided it would be a fun project to do with my 5th graders. They get so caught up in making things realistic and perfect, this project encourages them to do just the opposite and let the funky chicken out. And while we were working on these, I remembered another chicken project I have done with Kindergarten and thought it would be a great time to review color-mixing with them and then hang the Kinders’ and the 5th grader’s work together!

First the 5th grade work:

Are these not hilarious?! I love them and the kids loved them too.

Here are some kinder-chickens.

And here is the final bulletin board with bothe grade’s artwork!

Cockadoodledooing in Kindergarten!


Kindergarteners have been learning some painting procedures as well as their colors, shapes, and lines while working on these roosters. It’s been an adventure to say the least…










Tinga Tinga Tales


So the last two or three weeks of school were really REALLY busy. Testing, awards days, field trips, etc. Some days we would have classes and some days we would not. This was one of my last projects I did with some of my first grade classes. It’s a new project and they turned out so pretty. Not even half the kids finished in the two weeks we worked on them so I would say this needs a good three classes to get completely finished.

The first class, we used We Give Books to read Tinga Tinga Tales. If you don’t know about this website, it’s awesome. Free books, online, and the organization donates real books to others. Use it!
Then we we went back and looked at all the bright illustrations, especially focusing on the chicken and her beautifully patterned feathers.
We used black paper and white crayons to draw our chickens and the farm in the background. Then we used oil pastel to color it all in and learned about layering the oil pastels and creating the patterns. They turned out so bright and pretty and each one was different. I’m sad I didn’t get to hang these up and share them with the rest of the school. I must remember to do them before the very end next year! 😄